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Let me try to get started with this. If you didn??t already know I took a trip down under. No not there if that’s what your thinking. I??m talking about Thailand people. Yeah you probably don??t know where in hell that is. Let??s get off this geography lesson. This place is a must visit I must say. The only thing that might kill your enjoyment would have to be the flight over there. I believe it was about 18 hours or so, yeah it??s pretty long. You go for about 11 hours to Japan to refuel then jump right back on for another 6 or so hours till you finally get there. Other than that it??s beautiful. There??s so much to talk about it lets see if I can sum it all up for you.

I got lucky and was able to stay there for about 2 week. While I was there I noticed this place is totally different from America. If I could relate Thailand to anything it would have to be ?¨Internet.?Æ Everything you see on there is here. Yes everything. From apples to zig-zags. That does include porno too. Let??s get started on their mall. Their malls are like steroids. The biggest one I??d seen over there had 7 levels and the smallest one had 4 levels. Most of them ether had a bowling alley or a movie theater on the top level. Some of them even had both. What a great place to kill a day. Besides the height let??s talk about length. They must have been on average a mile long and about a half mile in width. You think I might be saying some bullshit, but I??m not. Check this place out (link) .There must have had well over 2,000 stores in one of them. Each level is sort of dedicated to one thing. For example: clothes, games, food. One mall was even made just for computers and what not. This place was like pirate central. You got mp3, movies, music, porno, and computer junk flying at you in all directions. Instead of crack dealers walking up to you ask asking if you want to buy some they walk up and say like ?¨You want some movies? Its top quality, best in this level.?Æ When this happened to me I was like wooho woohom summer down there skipper. It??s as if they had no copy write laws. You can get movies, music and games for like 3 bucks. They have this big as flip book with all the cover arts of the stuff. All you do is point to it and they??ll make it right there.

Are money is worth way make over there it seems. One dollar = 40 bahts. It may not seem like a lot, but everything is priced really really low. Take a bag of chips for example, over here its like $1.50; over there is about 20-30 bahts. So that??s about 50-75 cents here. Going by this I can buy dinner for my whole family for about 25 bucks. We won??t be eating at a crappy place. This would be like Black Angus over there except you get tons of food. This ain’t no Japanese tiny ass food, here you will get stuffed and yes, you will enjoy it. Talk about service over there, Awesome. If you need money then you will work no matter how much you get paid. Theses workers get paid about 30 bahts an hour. They hire so many of these guys your glass will never get empty. Pretty cool huh? As for food choices they have pretty much the same as in America except Mexican food. That just pissed me off. I ask ?¨Taco Bell??Æ and they look at me as if I?? am gay or something.

Taking a look at their landscape and weather environment it??s a bit different. First off their humidity must have been 95% or some. I??m no weather man, but once you get off that plane you feel a bit sticky and you can feel the heat. Because this place is pretty much all water you have to be alert for mosquitoes. They will get you no matter what. I suggest that you always wear socks no matter how hot it gets. Getting mosquitoes bites on your toes is the worst it seems to me. They get so itchy you just want to sit all day stacking them. About their landscape, now I didn??t go everywhere like I did last time I went, but this place seems a little on the slums side. Not all the buildings over there look at bad it mainly the houses.

Population is a big thing over there; this would explain the reasons for the malls. Because of this over population there are so many damn people on the streets. You know how over here we have our buses, well over there their buses are like 2 of ours put together. Buses are not the only way around the city. There are also these trucks with seats on the side and open space in the middle. To small for you why not just talk a taxi. Want to smell the streets instead, then take a moto-taxi. It??s basically a motorcycle ride, you sit on the back on enjoy the view just don??t die from all the pollution. Having all those cars on the road does leave some cancer in the air. If you??re smart you will just have you A/C on the whole time.

Oh yeah as for music and television it??s pretty interesting. They listen the occasionally Thai music, but also they listen to American music to. Like Maroon 5 and some old school classic of ours like ?¨Put Your Head On My Shoulders?Æ. Good song I say. For T.V. we really didn??t have cable so it was kind of bland. I remember one night I was watching this music video, well I think it was, and the video was basically a love story (really easy to understand and very original) and at the end this one guys dies from a gun shot wound, but the truth is you don??t know who did it, so after its done it had a list of suspects that might have did it and they left a number were you can ?¨TEXT?Æ your answer in and see if your right. They would later play the final explanation the next day so you would get a better understanding. That is just brilliant.

I believe I got it pretty much summed up. Now time for my theory on how to get a Thai chick.

1) Come from America or maybe anything other than Asian ethnic.
2) Go to school in Thailand. These making you meet all the chicks at school.
3) Hit up the mall. Tons of chicks there.
4) Have some dough.
5) Get a translator. Try to get one more of your age. If you can??t follow Rule #6.
6) Pretend you don??t speak Thai, but you really do. Just trick her and act like you know how to speak it a little.

This should be full-proof. If I forgot to add something or think of something new I??ll add/change it.

**Remember: Whatever happens in Thailand stays in Thailand.**

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