Thanks for writing. I’m so sorry we’ve been skimpy on our portioning. We did not, as a company, implement smaller portioning. Because all of our restaurants are company owned and operated, we should also have consistent portioning.

We will contact the restaurant and make sure they are aware of (and offering) the correct serving sizes.

In the meantime, we never want to leave our patrons hungry. If you will send me your mailing address, I’ll send you a burrito buck to help make up for your diminutive burrito.

Shannon Kyllo

3 Responses to “A Response from Chipotle”

  1. can’t believe you wrote to them! awesome!

  2. wth i didnt think this blog was still up… what can i do to contribute, f it im making a blog of my own affiliate me thomas.. oh and yes i am a 2 foot banana tree

  3. George, Curious says:

    Hey look at me I’m so smart!

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