Phone Mod

First of all let me tell you this isn’t a review, it my steps on my project to paint my cell phone.

I??m using a Samsung VGA 1000 a.k.a (SPH-a620). This phone got pretty boring to me and it needs a paint job. Changing the face plate wasn’t enough for me. Since no one likes making parts for sprint phones I had to do my part and use what I had, which was my screw-driver and a can of plastic spray paint.

*Now my phone wasn’t the easy phone out there to paint, but I want to let you know just because my looks shitty doesn’t mean yours will. I have bad masking skillz too.


1. Lets start off my taking it apart. I had already had a blue face plate so don??t let that fool you.

Phone's Shell


2. Bare parts. The phone’s guts actually disassembled really easy. Here’s the 3 parts. Look how cheap the camera looks up close.

Phone guts
Bare camera part


3. Now to paint. I used “KRYLON Fusion Spray Paint for Plastic” which cost about 4 bucks. **Just spray the parts, but make sure you mask off the areas you don??t want painted.**

Can of paint

4. Putting it together.

Open phone showing guts


5. Finished product. The reason the paint job looks so shitty is because I didn??t give it enough time to dry so I fucked it up at that paint. I could of sanded it down and re-paint, but I?? am lazy.

Side View
Battery View
Opening front view


6. Sport it! Only I would sport something as shitty looking like this, but I like it.

Me sporting it.

That??s it! Total cost was around 4-5 buck for the paint.

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