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I wrote a script that simply just returned the Top X songs for an artist using’s information.


1) Download pylast:

2) Unzip it
3) Open a terminal and ‘cd’ to that directory.
3) Run the command: ./ build
3) Run the command: ./ install
4) Download and run my code from terminal


./ -a <Search Term> [-l <#>] [-s]
-a    Search Artist in quotations.
-l    Return limit. Default = 10.
-s    Similar Artists.

./ -a “Cold War Kids”

To make it easier to run the script from anywhere, you can add the directory to your PATH.

1) From terminal ‘vi ~/.cshrc’
2) Add “PATH=$PATH\:/Users/userName/

3) Hit “Esc” then “:” followed by “wq” then “return”
4) type “source ~./cshrc”Now you can run the command anywhere within a terminal
Example: -a "Coconut Records" -s

Screen Shot:

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Big T Bag’s Monthly Mix – Feb 2011

Big T Bag’s Monthly Mix – Feb 2011

February’s isnt as great as previous month, but it is will worth listening to. Be on the look out for ‘Foster the People’ and ‘Toro y Moi’ they’re coming up quick.

I am truly sorry Kristina L.L. Please forgive me someday.






















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