Hopefully I can satisfy your ears this month, if not, I completely understand why.




2 Responses to “Big T Bag’s Monthly Mix – May 2011”

  1. Thomas translator says:

    Something good happened
    Ah shit wtf?!
    Something bad happened
    I’m a coder, I don’t do that shit
    Refuses to do documentation
    You got to incorporate alt-tab
    You’re taking too long to switch screens
    Smooth move dick!
    Doesnt approve
    That shit is a joke!
    not important according to thomas
    “Mickey Mouse” shit
    Sloppy coding
    Screenshot that bitch!
    Who gives a fuck?
    Whatever, who gives a fuck?
    I was wrong.
    Let’s go to Chipotle!’
    He’s hungry (Does not work after lunch).
    That shit is retarded!
    Either can’t or won’t do it
    They probably wouldn’t give a black guy a black watch.
    Why Thomas has a the black Obama Watch.

  2. Hey dude great playlist, I enjoyed listening to it almost as much as you probably enjoyed making it. See you soon.

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