As you may know losing weight or just trying to keep your weight stable may be hard sometimes. Especially during the summer, most people stay at home unless you work. Working is a plus. This is where I come in… The Cereal Diet. You might think this is a stupid ass idea, but its not.

The outline:

  • – Substitute your meals with cereal. Now I don??t mean eat it all day long. If you??re ever hungry during meals just eat it, but you could always use it for lunch or breakfast. Now dinner, you have to eat that! That??s the good stuff.
  • – Try to keep the total fat under 2g. Don??t go for that crazy ones like Rice krispy treat one. But then that Rice krispy one is some good shit, the only bad side it??s rare in the markets. Take it while you can.
  • Think about it. Say you??re going for that Ham & Cheese hot pocket, that??s about 12g? I don??t know. Researching is not really my thing. I’ll leave it up to the scientist. Going back, I bet eating that hot pocket isn??t even filling. Boom! Here comes the C to the E to the R up to the L. That??s about 1.5g. Not filling? Toss another bowl up! You see what I am trying to get at?

    Ether way it??s your life so do whatever the fuck you wanna do. I??m just here to judge :0)

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